If you are one of those with little or no knowledge of surfing, we will teach you from the very beginning all the simple but important techniques you need to know for how to stand on a wave.

If you on the other hand, are one of those who has always dreamed of riding the left handed reef of Punta de Lobos, we will take one of our local surf instructors to show you out the back and guide you through the point.

10 am: Breakfast – Back at the lodge, we will be ready to devour some nourishing buffet breakfast consisting of a variety of bread, local fruits, natural juices, milk, fresh scrambled eggs, a variety of cereals, coffee, tea, cakes & sweets.

12 pm: Local experience – By midday we will get picked up by Ismael, our local tour guide (and amazing surfer), who will show us around the area. This trip will take us on a journey to the past! Experience some of the region’s oldest traditions and meet the people at the heart of operating these local businesses.

4 pm: Spare “do what you want” time – Sink in a wooden Hot Tube with open sky, get to horseback ride along the coast, have a nap or just wander around one of the most rejuvenating & magical places of Chile.

6 pm: Sunset Yoga – Every day, when the sun starts to set, we will gather along the cactus garden to spend a relaxing time stretching out the body with some gentle yoga movements in order to restore the muscles that have been used throughout the day. The beauty of the natural surroundings combined with the breathing and meditation will help us bring in and appreciate all the emotions and enthusiasm from the day’s experience.

8 pm: Dinner night!! – We will bring two amazing chefs into the house to cook and prepare traditional Chilean dishes for you to experience authentic local cuisine. With a variety of fresh & seasonal vegetables, seafood, meats and spices they will create rich and delicious meals full of exotic flavors. Each of these meals will be customized for vegetarians and/or any other dietary need.