There is more beyond Patagonia and the Atacama desert… Undoubtedly we have some of the most dramatic sceneries on the planet, like the driest desert in the world and the last southern piece of land full of glaciers, soaring mountains and golden grasslands that shelter rare wildlife such as llama-like guanacos.

The magnificent Road Trip of your life

There is a region in Chile which is only reachable by car. No train, no airport and no harbours within 1,240 kilometres of pure and wild nature. Yes! a place where you can feel again like that conqueror who is discovering new territories for the first time…

Break the chain and hit the

– Austral Road – Authentic, local and perfect to navigate the country at your own pace The Austral Road is a trip that people like my own dad has dreamed of his entire life and only now at his 63 years old he will do with two of his mates.

How to do it! Renting a car is a great option although hitch-hiking is very safe and a fun way to meet other amazing travellers along the way. On the way you can kayak to the Marble Caves, the Simpson River National Reserve or visit the charming town Futaleufú which merits a few days of detour.

One last tip The south end of The Austral Road it’s grown popularity ’cause of it’s good climbing conditions and rock mountains like the amazing Cerro Castillo range which is suitable for more experienced climbers and world class expeditions.

Incredible right? An amazing journey is waiting for you, and we are happy to give you all our little tricks on how to roam like a king!