You deserve to book yourself a retreat or have Alma Soul & Travel organise a unique experiential holiday. One, because life is short, and, two, because you deserve to enjoy life and there is no better way than to discover the world. So why consider a retreat? What would you gain from booking yourself a retreat? What would it feel like to go on a retreat? Here’s why. Rewind to our March retreat at Hotel Alaia.

On Sunday the 8th of March 2020, Alma Soul & Travel hosted the Dirty South Yoga team who travelled from Atlanta, Georgia to Pichilemu, Chile. Picture arriving at a beachfront hotel for a week of bonfire gatherings under the starry Chilean sky reflection, surfing, delicious meals prepared for you daily, vulnerability, rejuvenation, all a stones throw away from swims into the ocean, cultural adventures and much more… Of all the retreaters, only one had ever been to Chile (and I will make a note that Chile had recently gone through a social uprising).


This leap faith leads me to point #1 Surrender.

Everyday millions of people board an airplane and unconsciously surrender. We don’t know the pilots flying the plane and we cherish the kindness and warm energy of the cabin crew we don’t know but who make us feel cared for. Let’s be honest, many of us have no idea of how the engines of airplanes run- but we get on and we get to our destination and we’re happy and grateful we arrive safely. In short, we knowingly took a risk. So goes the same for a retreat, booking yourself an organised all inclusive retreat and having no clue of what will be. After 5 days of experiencing a surf and yoga retreat hosted by Alma Soul & Travel, the 10 women left feeling lighter, fresher, more open than they arrived, grateful, prepared, humble and loving. What I’m getting at is when you surrender you open yourself to an emotional & energetic strength that allows you to receive and trust what experiences are on the road ahead, this is the law of energetics. It’s also very inspiring to others who may not have the courage to surrender.

Leading us to point #2, Opportunity.

The magical opportunity of closing the door to your daily comforts, normality, expectation and everything that doesn’t always serve you, even if it’s just for a week. Opportunity is often associated with a career, money or the future, which is relevant, valuable and a part of our human DNA. However, on a retreat, opportunity is a chance to learn more about what you’re actually missing in your life or what you desire most. It’s a time to learn and practice reconnecting with yourself, the self we knowingly neglect during the year because life is demanding and we’re all unique individuals whose lives are lived very, very differently. At a retreat we see you as equals, who have all come together for the same reason, to experience something new and to have everything organised for you, allowing you to rest & really enjoy a holiday that has been curated for you. This is why retreats are so fun it’s all about you!

Ok, back to opportunity- take the idea of learning to surf for example. For some it looks fun. For others, it might be more of a challenge. The power of water, the exertion on the body, the concept of standing on a surfboard and trusting it to hold you as you glide along a dreamy wave and the fear of falling into the water, which we all end up doing (ie the unknown). This can be a profound moment to learn about yourself and the ability to enjoy the moment (or as I like to describe it, bliss). Surrendering to falling or better yet, trusting that your body can actually ‘do it’, that’s not an opportunity that comes along everyday. But at a retreat, activities like surfing, give you that opportunity to grow in mind and body by facing your own personal areas of resistance and overcoming them in a safe group setting – it’s not just a good work out but a supportive environment.

Which leads to point #3, Connection

Think about when you meet someone who “gets” you and how great that feels. Those moments can be few and far between in everyday life. When you’re at a retreat you’re going to be surrounded by like-minded people who are looking to connect deeper with their mind, body, soul and perhaps, intuition. This in itself is an open door to finding connection. We all know that during a yoga flow practice you’re able to connect to how your body is feeling and if you listen carefully, you’ll understand if the energy feels good or tight. In my opinion, the greatest connection is knowing how you are feeling physically. Hands down, you will find different kinds of connections, from the environment and the people who work at the location where the retreat will take place, to the people who you are retreating with. How and why? Behind our connections are stories. Stories are our teachers. They give us knowledge to share and remind us when we feel we’re at a loss. Believe it or not, we are connected to everything and to people we least expect. We just never have the time to acknowledge it.

Surrender, opportunity, connection & finally Experience. In the end, booking yourself a retreat is all about the experience. For 5 days 10 women from different backgrounds & age groups trusted Alma Soul & Travel to create an unforgettable experience. Arriving at a 5 star sustainable hotel on the beach, a culinary experience cooked with local produce and a personal chef, surf instructors dedicated to making you feel that surf love, local cultural tours that they never would have encountered on their own and comfortable transportation all coinciding with a mind, body and soul program focused on the 4 elements; Earth, Water, Fire & Air. The recent outbreak of ‘Covid-19’, it has us all thinking about how we can live our best lives after this incredible global energy shift is over. Individually and as a collective we have an opportunity to be more conscientious than ever before and have the freedom to think and decide the choices that lay before us. I’d like to think that the health and wealth of our collectives mind, body and spirit be the focus. Now, more than ever, mindful tourism & travel is vital to independent sustainable businesses and the economies of small towns.

At Alma Soul & Travel we create your ultimate retreat experience that you had no idea existed or could be created. Leave responsibility and organisation at your front door the day you leave for your retreat & let us take you on a body-mind-soul journey, filled with adventure whilst traveling to stunning places in the world. That’s why you go on a retreat. Take care & we can’t wait to meet you.