On August 26th 2020 Alma Soul & Travel Co-founder, Paloma Agliati will be heading to Ghana to host the soulful retreat, Roots of Womanhood, alongside Jacqui Akosua Tweba Dreessens founder of Wild Moves. Roots of Womanhood retreat will take place in the Elmina village, central south coast of Ghana. A heart-opening experience into African beats and rhythms while enjoying the festivities of the famous Oguaa Fetu Afahye street festival, a celebration thanking the gods. We will have the pleasure to volunteer at NGO Global Mamas, an organisation focused on economic support & development for African women-owned traditional crafts businesses and their families. Among the many adventures planned, one will be visiting the protected Kakum National Park where endangered mammals such as forest elephants, bongo antelopes and primates like the Diana monkey live. The traditional and vibrant African drumming & dancing workshop will be run by Ghanaian artist, Appiah Annan & music by a 15 piece drum & theatre group. The intention is to connect your mind, body & soul through rhythm, song and movements to the Mother Earth and all-natural elements involved.

So how did Roots of Womanhood come into fruition?

Paloma, 27 at the time, spent time abroad in Torquay, Australia, after lots of travelling in India and Indonesia and daydreaming about a perfect life & how she had grown up in a masculine culture, she was compelled to get grounded and start connecting with more women & listen to the call of sisterhood. Naturally, the universe worked its magic and an Argentinian friend invited her to a drumming circle and the rest is history! 5 years later & Paloma is taking this powerful & life-changing retreat to its roots, Ghana, with the drumming group her Argentinian friend invited her to & with Wild Moves founder Jacqui. Inspired by the women she met at Wild Moves drumming circles, she wants you to discover the freedom currently suppressed in your body. As always, new activities which require us to step out of our comfort zone end being the most soul liberating. For Paloma, this was the case when she joined Jacqui and began to drum and dance to the tribal beat. Her experience and transformation was so strong and life-changing that she knew one day she would have to share it with other women so they may feel what she felt, reborn!

Jacqui founded Wild Moves in 1994 for her love of Mother Africa and mentors who have shared their cultural wisdom and influences with her. Australian born Jacqui, experienced a reconnection to her family roots which lead her to her Ghanaian family in Elmina back in 2001. It was here where her love of movement would connect to with her African family connection. Jacquie’s experience is vast, having worked as a community arts practitioner in choreography, lecturing at Deakin University(Australia) in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Arts Education, as well a having extensive education in cultural dance in the African Diaspora in the last 25 years working with an abundance of artists from the Caribbean, Cuba, Brazil, Congo, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal & Ghana. This month the Alma Soul & Travel team will be taking you on an Instagram Ghanian photo journey & sharing the lives of locals via Instagram too. If you felt naturally drawn to this story &/or experience get in touch, better yet book your spot now. There is so much to discover on this African journey & when you take the leap into an unknown experience you magnetise only goodness. To book your spot click the Journey’s link at the top of the page. xo