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If you are looking to combine your workshop, course, or practice with an outdoor experience, getting to know a new destination and culture, then this is the place for you.


Your journey with us

The Meeting

We will get to know your tastes and interests in a virtual or telephone meeting.

The Design

Based on the information from our meeting, we design the itinerary of the trip, itinerary of activities, hotels and transportation between the chosen destination.

The Quote

Once the design is approved, we will quote the trip looking for a budget and your dream experience.

The Trip

Done! It is already a reality, we will see you on the agreed date so you can live your great experience.

All our itineraries are designed hand in hand with the client
Do not hesitate to ask for information, we are here to help you without any commitment
Share your knowledge and the energy of a positive life with the best organization, careful and personalized.
Tell me what you do for a living, the destination you would like to go on a trip and we will put it together for you.


We created ALMA with the purpose of living unique and authentic experiences to reconnect with the natural and unbiased essence of whom we really are.

By traveling, disconnecting and opening ourselves to new cultures, landscapes and philosophies, we awaken from our daily inertia and can see, live and feel life from a different and much more positive perspective.


Traveling and getting out of our comfort zone gave us perspective, different and varied visions of how we wanted to live our lives to the fullest. It helped us to strengthen our values and to be true to our ideals.

In that constant search for our best version of ourselves, we learned to breathe and pause. To begin to take care of ourselves, to listen to ourselves, and to let ourselves flow in the world of emotions that we are.


At Alma, we design travel experiences with a focus on spiritual, cultural and emotional connection to the environment and the infinite tools to enhance our quality of life.

The trips are small groups to experience an intimate atmosphere and the destinations are to landscapes far from the big cities. Our commitment is to create unique itineraries with a high standard of comfort, focused on generating a sustainable and boutique experience.

Let’s talk about your 

next trip and design

the whole experience together.