With more than 4.000 kilometers of coastline, Chile has some of the best waves worldwide. With a big popularity of Lefts waves coming from southern antartica and breaking along the points, the Chilean surfer stands out for his courage, tenacity and respect for the sea.


The beautiful and long landscapes of Chile make you feel in connection with your body instantly. The fresh air of the Pacific Ocean rejuvenates your lungs and cleanses the thoughts of your mind making every Yogi wanting to practice in every corner you see.


Getting lost in the distant lands of Chile is like living a “In to the Wild” movie, where the immensity of its landscapes and the warmth of its peoples, will make you feel as the greatest explorer the world has ever had!


With hundreds of species, seafood and wines, Chile has one of the best cuisines in the world! Within this large piece of land, this country produces the best fruits and vegetables known for its high exportation demand.