The record of the first local surfers in Chile dates in the early 70’s being Pichilemu the birthplace of this sport which slowly started to welcome international tourists who would be fascinated by the spectacular shore-breaks and countless spots away from the crowds.

Nowadays, the Chilean coast hosts several international surf competitions that bring and showcase the best surfers in the world, motivating the locals to get into the surfing lifestyle. Also, on many of these beaches you will find surf facilities, boards and wetsuits rentals as well as surf schools that came along with the growth of the surfing culture in the country.

Best Surfing Spots in Chile

On 4,300 km of coastline you can imagine there are endless great locations for surfing! Nevertheless, the central and north area of Chile are more visited by surfers because of their warmer weather.

Pichilemu is the number one destination in Chile and one of the best in South America offering great waves for pros and beginners. Pichilemu hosts the national championship yearly as well as many international competitions.

Punta de Lobos, having the most consistent break in all of Chile and Infiernillo are the 2 best locations around the area offering the best surfing conditions almost all year round with epic 9-meter waves, amazing cliffs, rocky coves and very nice and helpful locals.

Pichilemu is internationally known as a surfing paradise of South America not only for the good waves but also for being friendly for beginners. Spots like Las Terrazas or La Puntilla are great for newbies!

Some other famous surfing spots on the central coast and the north are Totoralillo, Ritoque, Arica, Reñaca, Matanzas, El Papagayo and Iquique.

In the South of Chile El Puerto, Lebu and Pellines are one of the best spots for surfing where you will ride the longest tubes in all Chile and another highlight is that you will probably have the entire beach for yourself!

Water Temperature in Chile

The water in Chile is generally colder than what international tourists usually expect. This is due to the Humboldt Current coming from Antarctica cooling the water down quite a few degrees. The water temperatures can vary from 18.7˚C (65.7˚F) in summer to 7.3˚C (45.1˚F) during winter time depending on the region you are, being the north warmer than the south.

The Locals

Chileans are known for being super friendly people and surfers are not an exception to the rule. We all know that surfing can get rough if there’s a big crowd waiting to ride those waves. Well, Chileans surfers are known for being kind and friendly so don’t worry! Besides from surfing awesome waves you will also make great friends! Advice: Try to learn a bit of Spanish first!

Yoga and Surf Retreat

Enjoy your holidays surfing in one of the best locations of all South America! Come and join us on our next Surf and Yoga Retreat in Pichilemu! Stay at a great 4 star hotel, be spoiled with delicious local meals and recover with relaxing yoga classes!