We are Paloma & Martin, two proudly Chileans and founders of Alma Soul & Travel. We re-met in Australia back in 2016 while traveling and working abroad. We “rapidly” decided to be together and start a family, which now involves 2 children and a lovely beach house in northern Perú.
Very soon, after starting our journey together, we felt the need of doing something meaningful and big. We wanted to go back home to Chile and showcase the magnificence of its land and majestic natural gems. That’s how in March 2018, we hosted the very first crafted journey in the form of a Yoga & Surf retreat, mixing our own passion for yoga, surfing and natural surroundings.

After that first successful experience, we have created, designed and operated tens of travel and retreat journeys, not only in Chile but in most of South America´s iconic destinations.


we do

At our agency, we are devoted to crafting unique and personalized travel experiences that not only showcase the breathtaking beauty and diversity of South America but also nurture the soul. Our expertise lies in designing tailor-made journeys immerse travelers in the iconic landscapes of this vibrant continent, from the majestic peaks of the Andes and the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest to the awe-inspiring Inca ruins.

Beyond exploration, we emphasize a deep cultural connection, fostering meaningful interactions with the local communities we visit. By engaging with the rich cultural heritage of each destination, we aim to create experiences that are both enriching and enlightening. Our travelers are not just visitors; they become part of a larger story, connecting with the people and traditions that make each place special.

Every trip is a blend of discovery, inspiration, and personal growth. We will, indeed, design a journey that will transform your travel dreams into unforgettable realities, creating memories that will last for a lifetime.

We believe that travel is more than just seeing new places—it is an opportunity for deep spiritual journeys, personal introspection, and transformative experiences. Our carefully curated itineraries are designed to inspire and delight, offering authentic adventures that resonate on a personal level. Each journey is a bespoke creation, reflecting your individual preferences and desires, ensuring that your travel experience is as unique as you are.

Spirit &


At our agency, our spirit and commitments are rooted in a deep respect for the environm and the communities we visit. We promote sustainable travel practices that minimize our ecological footprint and support local economies, preserving the beauty and integrity of the destinations we explore. We proudly embrace zero-kilometer cuisine, offering meals made from locallysourced ingredients. By partnering with local farmers and artisans, we ensure our travelers enjoy fresh, authentic dishes that reflect each region’s culinary traditions, supporting sustainable agriculture and local growth.Our commitment to sustainability extends to eco-friendly accommodations, responsible wildlife tourism, and conservation practices. We believe travel should enrich both our travelers and the destinations we visit. We will travel, retreat and explore responsibly, celebrating the beauty and cultural heritage of the destination while making a positive impact on the place and in our Soul as well.